How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch – Best Guide 2023

This article will give you some very valuable information about your laptop if you want to know how To Use a Laptop As a Monitor For a Switch. Nowadays laptop has become a very common item among all individuals. We can easily use our laptops in offices as well as at home. More than many people use their laptops at a place where they want.

So, if you are going to buy a new laptop for your work then you should know how you can use your laptop as a monitor for the switch so you can gain the maximum benefits from it. Here is the need for some basic things to discuss if you want to have a laptop that will be used as a monitor for the switch. In this article, I am going to discuss some basic things about

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch.

If you are in the market for buying a laptop for yours then you have to do some research regarding the specific needs of your computer. You must watch the specifications of the laptop. This is very important to look at the list of devices or components. This will help you to make it easy to buy a laptop according to your desire.

For example, if you want a computer for the entertainment of games it will not appear with any port while if it is designed for a business theme it comes with two or three ports. There are many benefits of using a laptop as a monitor for the switch. The main or basic advantage of using a laptop as a Monitor for the switch is that you can watch two monitors on a single screen. Many laptop lovers want two monitors on their single screen because according to their views, they can complete their tasks easily.

The second important benefit of using a laptop as a Monitor for a switch is that it saves power for your computer because it can display two different images in a single display. So, you need to look for the latest models if you want to have a laptop for your personal or business use. You can easily connect the switch to your laptop and play games according to your desire. There are two simple ways to achieve this. It is not too surprising so you don’t need to have tension over its arrangement.

These two methods are very simple and modern to adopt. Anyone can easily follow them even that for those persons who are not well informed in alteration. With these lines let’s discuss how you can utilize your PC as a screen for your Nintendo Switch comfort.
Use the laptop as a monitor for the switch with the HD-M1 input port
To use a laptop as a monitor for switching, the following things are required.

  • HDM1 Cable
  • Laptop
  • Nintendo Dock
  • Games Capture card
  • Software
  • The Nintendo Switch

1. HDMI Cable

Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch
HDMI Cable

HDM1 cable is required for this purpose. By your good luck, one comes within the Capture card‘s box and one with the switch. Both cables do work properly and outstandingly. This sorcery Port is absent on most PCS. But if you will not find an HDM1 cable with you. Make sure to have it in your stock. Adding an HDM1 cable to your Switch gives it the ability to stream your laptop and fulfill the requirement of How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch.

2. Laptop

First of all, you should know about your laptop. Is your laptop perfect for gaining purpose? Old and out-of-warranty laptops could not access your desire. Always get a laptop that gives you the best screen and resolution. If you want to carry the laptop in a backpack most of the time, go for something lighter. If you want a laptop in an affordable category always consider a machine that has more RAM.

3. Nintendo Doc

Nintendo Doc is used to cooperate your switch with a TV to meet a showcase. This will imply that your Nintendo Switch rests in the Dock the whole time. You can get a doc with your Nintendo Switch and you can also purchase it from the organization. You can also arrange a unique Nintendo Doc on the web.

4. Games Capture Card

There is a sum of almost 4 ports in the gaming capture Card. Two of them are information sources and two are the yields. We should have to go from every one of them separately to get their benefits. The video capture card is also a device that authorizes you to capture the video signals from your Switch and lead them to your laptop through USB. There are many video capture cards available online

5. Software

You can use your laptop as a monitor for other consoles. But you need to have different hardware and software. Many different types of software are available online. With a little research, you can get high-quality software to change your laptop to a Monitor for Switch.

HDM1 Output Port

The HDM1 signal is sent by HDM1 Out, which is held by your PC successfully taking into consideration consistent meetings. It is captured by your laptop in real time, allowing for a continuous gameplay session. Most of the time HDM1 in a laptop is used for display output.

The HDM1 capture devices are a great source to connect your laptop as a Monitor for Switch. It delivers almost a Leg–free experience. USB Port to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop
The last port is the USB port which moves the video through the USB to your gadget. There are a large number of devices that will turn a USB port into an HDM1 output from the computer. In comparison with the HDM1 output, signals take a few seconds during the transmission process.

How to connect the Nintendo Switch to the Laptop?

After explaining How To Use a Laptop As a Monitor For a Switch, let’s dig into this further. I like the Nintendo Switch very much because it is a gaming console that can be used as a gripped device. Now I will guide you on how you can use your laptop as a monitor for Nintendo Switch:

Connect your Nintendo Switch to a video capture card with the help of an HDM1 cable.
Open the software of game capture on your PC. I suggest you get help from OBS as your game capture software.

  • Turn on your switch.
  • Put video capture device.
  • Now you will see your switch gameplay on your PC screen.
  • Use the Joy-Con to control the switch on the laptop. By this, you can also record your gameplay. And you can enjoy the back recording feature and also enjoy the chat and live commentary.

Besides this, you can take full advantage of your computer while gaming on the switch. It is just like two benefits in one feature.
Well, this is the only way to use Nintendo Switch on a laptop but many of the games are available in the Windows stores. You can easily take them if you want to play the games on the Switch. More than if you have any type of confusion about following these steps correctly you can watch many tutorials online.

The greatest way to play Nintendo Switch Games on your laptop

The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate gadget for avid gamers. It comes in two versions one is a regular version and the second is a lite version. Now you need not worry if you don’t have an HDM1 catch card and have no option to get one. So, we have a very strong option for you to play the PC adaptation of your #1 Nintendo Switch Games on your PC. Lots of Nintendo Switch regulators are available with PC so, there is no need to learn about new controls.

Above mentions, means are essentials and without following every one of these you can’t use your laptop screen as a demonstration screen. You can use an elective procedure to flavor the gaming on your laptop.


In conclusion, you can use your laptop as a monitor for Switch. However, if your laptop does not have the quality to come with an HDM1 input. You can gain your purpose by purchasing a Video Capture card. This will move your laptop into an HD monitor for any device with an HDM1 output.

I hope this article will help you with How To Use a Laptop As a Monitor For a Switch in some way or another. I feel pleasure to hear from you if you do this or not. Please don’t forget to share your views with us and leave a comment below.

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