How To Fix Ghosting On Monitor [Quick Steps 2024]

Monitor Ghosting could occur while editing videos and at the time playing games. It is a common monitor problem and can ruin your gaming experience while encountering this kind of issue, Ghosting and image artifacts can be real issues even on the best type of PC monitors. How To Fix Ghosting On a Monitor is a very confusing task.

Ghosting happens when there are images or pictures on your screen that are not showing up right. For example, if you are playing a game, the target you shoot at might be blurry. This can also happen while you watch an action movie that has fast-moving scenes and images of movies and games that look overlaid on each other. It also happens when a current image has a trail of pixels behind it and you want to Fix Ghosting On the Monitor, then The good news is that you can easily identify if your monitor has these issues.

In this article, we will help you to understand what is Monitor Ghosting, How To Fix Ghosting, and monitor why it happens. What are the main causes of Monitor Ghosting, and how can you save your computer by Fix Ghosting On your Monitor?

What is a Monitor Ghosting?

Ghosting on the monitor screen display is caused by the difference in milliseconds between what you receive through the signal and what is displayed on the screen. It mostly occurs when several images are moving on your screen. On some monitors, it can be difficult to move the mouse. You might notice a blur. This is because the monitor does not refresh very quickly, To avoid this issue, make sure to get a monitor with a high response time and/or refresh rate as well.

This can be helpful if you have good panel technology, but it is not always the case with ghosting on some devices or monitors. On some monitors, it can also occur when an image artifact or ghost image shows a trail of pixels behind the object of the game and movie it means it is a blurry ghost that allows something to move on your screen. Ghosting can be noticed in gaming since games are accelerated.

When the monitor is in the condition of ghosting you will see the discoloration on some areas of your PC previous image remains for a few seconds while you have moved to the next image.

What Causes Monitor Ghosting?

The main cause of ghosting is an inability of the display to move at the same pause as the image. If the response time of your monitor is around about 10ms and above you will meet with the monitor ghosting and objects of games will move at a faster pace.

The second cause of ghosting can be backlight bleeding. This problem will appear on LCD screens. If you are playing a game on an LCD, the ghosting issue might be caused by burning images. By turning off the computer and leaving it on resting for some time this problem can be easily handled.

Poorly optimized monitor settings are also a great cause of monitor ghosting.

Outdated drivers, overdrive configuration, and monitor involvement are also creating monitor ghosting.

Is Monitor Ghosting Permanent?

Some people think that Monitor Ghosting is a permanent problem with their screens. It is temporary and you can easily fix ghosting on the monitor. Mostly it is caused by very slow response time and not catching up with the image refresh rate. if you are paying full devotion to your game it will create a great hustle.

How To Fix Ghosting On Monitor?

To check the monitor ghosting issue many tests are available online. The most popular tool is the UFO Test. If your monitor is facing the issue of ghosting you will find the green signal with the word READY. Otherwise, you may get an orange signal with the suggestion of a specific problem of Monitor Ghosting. This tool also can explain any kind of problem-related per second, refresh rate, pixels per frame, and second for your display.

If you’ve recognized this issue you can use the following steps to fix ghosting on your computer and play games.

Check your Monitor Cable

  • Firstly, look at your monitor cable if your monitor is damaged then you meet with the problem of monitor ghosting. In that case, you should have to plug in another monitor cable and test if the problem persists.
  • Secondly, check your monitor cable from all angles and make sure that the monitor cable is strongly attached to the plug. By the method of plugging or re-plugging, you can remove ghosting from your monitor. The cables with gold-plated tips are less likely to have problems. So be careful when you are buying cables for the monitor.

Update your graphics card drivers

  • If your monitor does not work correctly you should update your graphics cards and drivers. This strategy can help you to overcome minor issues that have popped up out of the blue. One method to update your video card and card driver is to update it via Device Manager.
  • If the window says your driver is not up-to-date go to the manufacturer‘s website and start searching for a new version according to your window. If you don’t have little time and computer skills to update your driver quickly you can do it with automatically Driver Easy. Driver Easy will automatically help you to find suitable drivers for your window.

Check the other devices connected to your Monitor to Fix Ghosting On the Monitor

  • Other devices like Keyboard, routers, modems, printers, cordless phones, and speakers that are connected to your PC could interrupt your monitor work. Also, check the cable of these devices.
  • The low-quality cable could be an issue of proximity. You should disconnect these devices one at a time and test if your monitor is still ghosting then check your wireless devices.
  • Suppose that the ghosting is still visible while you have observed all the cables and removed all other devices from your monitor. While checking HdM1, display port Or USB make sure there is no type of fraying.

Check your Monitor‘s display setting

Some features improve the quality of the screen. These include dynamic contrast, motion blur reduction, and noise reduction. Unfortunately, these features can lead to potential ghosting.

Changing the monitor setting and getting a high refresh rate and fast response time will help you finish ghosting. For example, response time is not way above 10ms to 5ms, and below is the sweet spot for the Gaming Monitor. Moreover, make sure that your gaming monitor should not be running slower than the 60 Hz refresh rate.

Check Monitor Video Port

If the problem does not exist in the faulty cable, monitor setting, and the connected device then the problem will be physical. In this case, check your video port. If you may not be able to check your video port yourself take your monitor to a service center and consult a professional to know about its warranty. Otherwise, you can bring your computer to a repair store to remove its faulty parts. If it is too costly to fix and beyond repair then you should have to invest in a new device.

Adjust your Monitor setting

Another way to Fix Ghosting On a Monitor is to check your monitor settings. Take a keen look at settings with the names Perfect Clear, Dynamic Contrast, Motion Smoothing, and Noise Reduction. All these settings may participate in monitoring ghosting.

How old is the monitor?

To finish ghosting on your PC check the age of your screen. If you are using an older monitor, you are probably using a corrupt display. Now you need to invest in the best Gaming Monitor.

Turn on the Overdrive function

In attempting to Fix Ghosting On Monitor on your PC you can turn on your device’s overdrive function. You can also get optimal performance at your preferred settings to reduce Monitor Ghosting. Some kinds of monitors can turn on the overdrive function.


Monitor Ghosting is not spooky. It may conjure something unsettling.
Monitor Ghosting can be a great reason for headaches, especially for those people who use their PC for graphic and heavy work such as video editing, graphic design, or image editing.

Ghosting is not a physical problem you can easily overcome this problem with a little detective work and some simple solutions to Fix Ghosting On Monitor. The solution of monitor ghosting might be easier than you think.

I am sure that this article will help you to understand all the problems about How To Fix Ghosting On a Monitor. If you have any questions about fixing Ghosting on Monitor feel free and leave a comment. If you are looking for the Best gaming monitors under 250$, this topic will help to find your monitor.

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